Thirty-Four Democrats joined all 178 Republicans to vote “no”, but their 212 votes were outnumbered by the 219 votes in favor of President Barack Obama‘s health care reform bill on Sunday night.

President Obama addressed the nation late Sunday night by saying “This is what change looks like”.

The House of Representatives will send the $940 Billion bill, previously passed by the Senate last December (with the list of “fixes”) to the desk in the Oval Office before returning to the Senate.

The Plan:

– Is expected to extend health coverage to an additional 32 million Americans.
– Forbid insurers to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions or gender.
– Create health insurance exchange so that small buisness, self-employed and unemployed to purchase less expensive coverage from for-profit companies.
– Will allow parents to keep their children on their health plans until childs 27th birthday.

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