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Singer Chris Brown is really taking his bad boy image seriously. He recently tried to promote his new Aaliyah-assisted single, “They Don’t Know” in the rudest way possible.

Korean pop band T-ara N4 were performing at a pool party in Las Vegas where Brown was hosting. He interrupted their performance to plug his new single featuring the R&B angel Aaliyah. While T-ara N4 was in middle of their girl group choreography when Chris Brown grabbed the mic and demanded for the DJ to cut the beat. The DJ resisted for several moments and when he realized Breezy wouldn’t stop screaming on the mic until he was heard, the music was cut and breezy told the crowd he was going to preview his new single AFTER T-ara N4′s performance.

The sad thing about that is after Brown got off the mic, the girls were so put off by the interruption, they couldn’t fully recover once the music started again. This stunt is just anther in a long list of actions that would classify Chris Brown as a jerk. So when will his team recommend real therapy? don’t worry, we’re not holding our breath either.

Peep the footage below.



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