They have a national day for everything including national donut day!  And many retailers are celebrating this holiday by giving out free donuts to patrons.  So if you’re a donut lover like me celebrate!

According to NewsOne here’s a list of bakeries participating & happy eating!

Krispy Kreme:  One of hottest chains in the country will give you a donut of any variety without having to spend a dime.

Dunkin’ Donuts:  Known for their killer coffee, the popular donut chain will give you a “freebie” but have to buy a beverage.

Tim Hortons: This retailer is making you work a smidge for one of their donuts by sending you to their Facebook page to print out a coupon; you also have to buy something from the eaterie.

Entenmann’s:  The baked good company has launched a Donut Day sweepstakes, where you can win prizes on the site.

LaMar’s Donuts: Deemed as having the donuts that are “fit for kings,” the chain is giving away free donuts Friday with no purchase necessary, and a portion of this week’s sales are being donated to the Salvation Army.

Winn Dixie: The popular supermarket chain will give its customers a free large donut hole.

Shipley Do-Nut:  The 77-year-old chain with a legion of fans that are devoted to the less greasy and feathery light product will receive a glazed do-nut.

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