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Wale sat down for an interview with Billboard lately and here’s what he said…

Wale on What He’s Doing

“I’m just working,” he says, adjusting his Houston Rockets snapback. “I don’t have anything in my head that’s like, ‘Yo, chill out.’ All I know is the studio. That’s really all I do. I eat in the studio, I sleep in the studio. I’m just always in there.”

Wale on His Growth

“I know what I’m doing in the studio now,” Wale says of his approach on “The Gifted.” “Before, I just knew how to rap. Now I know how to construct a song and make my music have emotions.”

Wale on How He Views Himself

“I look at myself like a professional: I just get up and work,” Wale says. “I just get up and work way more than a lot of other rappers. I literally go to work every day and try to record every day that I’m not on the road. It’s too much-but I get good results.”

Wale’s new album “The Gifted” is due out June 25th! Go Get it and check out his listening party here in Cleveland below.


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