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COLUMBUS, Ohio – A veteran Columbus firefighter, and a married man, is accused of having sex with a young woman while on the job.

10TV News did not name the accused firefighter, because the investigation has not concluded and he is not charged.

He is a married 48-year-old veteran of the Columbus Division of Fire.

Public Records obtained by 10TV News reveal the accusations that could place his future with the Division in doubt.

A 20-year-old woman, who 10TV is also not identifying, says she and the firefighter conducted a nearly two-year sexual relationship within the walls of Station 17 on West Broad Street.

Documents detail the firefighter being questioned by the Division’s Professional Standards Unit:

“She lost her virginity with you at the station when she was 18. Have you ever had sex with ***** while you were on duty at Station 17?”

The firefighter responds “No, I have not”.

He admits to the affair, describing it as a “boyfriend, girlfriend type thing”, but denies it happened on the job.

He admits to spending time alone with the woman in his bedroom at the firehouse, and admits they were together in the room with the door closed.

“Has she ever slept in your bed?” asked investigators

“Yes.” the firefighter answered.

The woman also alleges he gave her the security code to the station so she could come and go freely, telling investigators: “He said use the back door and go into my room.”

The firefighter denies sharing the code with her.

Asked why the woman would lie about him, the firefighter says, “She kind of has a vendetta against me because, I won’t leave my family.”

The woman says the firefighter confronted her after she went to investigators, telling her, “he was going to lose his job, and a lot of people are going to be demoted for what I’ve done.”

She says he made veiled threats against her father, saying, “He could call people and have them wait for him outside of a bar and get him for DUI.”

He also seemed confident he would be cleared, allegedly saying, “‘Nobody knows what happened behind closed doors. They can’t prove it.’  He said, ‘Nobody witnessed it. They can’t prove it.'”

The report obtained by 10TV News also includes interviews with numerous other firefighters from Station 17.

Almost all of them report seeing the woman at the station on a frequent basis, many seeing her in the firefighter’s room.

But none of them report witnessing anything inappropriate between the two.

Neither the firefighter nor his accuser wanted to comment to 10TV.

The findings of the internal investigation next go to an administrative chief to determine whether there was any wrongdoing.

Depending on his findings, it could next go to the fire chief or the city’s safety director to decide what discipline would be appropriate.

In the meantime, the firefighter has been re-assigned to another station.      SOURCE

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