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From our sister station Hot Hip Hop Detroit:

Stevie J tells it all in an exclusive interview with Big Greg on Hot 107.5. We all know and love Stevie J for his comical character and facial expressions on the hit reality television show Love & Hip Hop.

Big Greg opened up his interview and allowed the fans to ask Stevie J questions through Instagram giving us the main question we all want an answer to, ” Why do you make those faces all the time.”  Stevie J replied, ” My facial expressions tell my story, depends on how im feeling that’s the facial expression you’re gonna get from me. Big Greg hit that touchy topic about Mimi and Nikko dating. Check out Stevie J’s response in the video below at the 2:30 mark.

Love and Hip Hop Season 2 has really been on and jumping this season and we wanna know how he feels about marrying his lover Joseline. Stevie J gave us one of his clever analogies, ” Is grits groceries?” and continued with his interview. Greg then continued on the subject and asked why he doesn’t say ‘I love you’ to Joseline. Find out his hilariously juicy answer in the video below.

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