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A Florida bus driver has come to scrutiny for his ability to break up a fight on his bus route that he driver for 18 years.  On his final day of work before retirement John Moody attempted to break up a three on one fight on his route.  Moody called for back up and yelled at the the three teenagers but never steeped in the fight for fear of his own safety.

According to Pinellas County school policy, the bus driver isn’t required to intervene, only to call dispatch he can step in, if he feels it’s safe.  The teenager that was being beat up suffered two black eyes and a broken arm.  Police say the three teenagers attached after the victim reported to their school drop out prevention program that one of they tried to sell him drugs.

The local police scrutinized Moody for his actions saying he could have done more and even gave him first aide after the three teenagers left the victim.  But Moody said that the victim ran away so quickly after the fight broke up.  Prosecutors say there isn’t enough evidence to charge the bus driver and he was following school policy but some disagree.  Do you think the bus driver did enough to help break up the fight?

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Source: CNN