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A mother traveling alone was recently kicked off a US Airways flight because her child was crying.  The mother was originally seated on early boarding and each of her two children were buckled safely  and ready to go.  Thirty minutes after boarding and patiently waiting for everyone else to board the mother was told that she and her children would have to move due to the location of their seats and traveling with children.  The mother proceeded to move her children with another passenger, a stranger, picked up one of her children without authorization.  The child began to cry.

The mother got both of her children strapped into their new locations with their car seats and then went to get a bottle from the overhead compartment to soothe the crying baby when the flight attendant told her she had to leave because of her crying baby.  The mother didn’t understand why and tried to talk things out with the flight attendant.  In the mean time the baby stopped crying but the mother and her children were still kicked off the plane.  They flight then took off without them.

We’ve all been on a flight where a baby was crying and some of you have even traveled with upset children yourself.  Do you think this mother should have been kicked off the flight?


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Source: Consumerist.com