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Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Ray Benzino’s Fully Unclothed Bathroom Selfie Leaks

The folks at BallerAlert hipped us to something that will simultaneously have you in real life tears rolling on the ground AND ruin your day.

Ray Benzino is without question the Sultan of “selfies”. We can only imagine that the media library in his phone is filled with mirror pics of himself flexing his muscles at various ages over the years.

Sadly, Benzino has taken his obsession with himself a little too far this time, and by too far we mean this ninja is snappin’ pics of his flaccid phallus in his janky azz bathroom!

No word as to which distraught and traumatized woman was on the receiving end of Ray-Ray’s raunchy little text, but she is certainly in our thoughts and prayers.

If you’d like to see the mock neck reality star in all his not-safe-fo’-yo’-job glory, you’re welcome to click HERE


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