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Erica Dixon is still upset with Momma Dee for refusing to leave the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”  season 2 reunion when there was a family emergency.

Erica, her mother, and her baby’s father Lil Scrappy left the reunion in a hurry when they received word that the ex-couple’s daughter Emani had been hurt.

Show creator Mona Scott Young didn’t mention what happened but Erica told 4umf.com, “During the taping of the reunion, my daughter got attacked by a dog.”

It was such a vicious attack that Emani needed medical attention. “I mean attacked and bitten on her lip to where she had to get, it was either 6 or 7 stitches,” Erica explained.

With Momma Dee usually claiming to be so protective over her family, Erica is now wondering if it was all just for the cameras after she chose to continue taping rather that attend to Emani.

“If you put on this image where you’re just grandmother of the year, for you to say, ‘oh I’m not leaving; I’m going to stay and tape the reunion.’ You know, we up and left,” said Erica. “They didn’t show it, but I ran off stage when I found out that happened to my daughter.

Addressing the reporter directly for reference, Erica said, “You know yourself how she puts on about my child, and if you loved her that much, and she was just so important, you would have left too.”

That’s not what Momma Dee did, though. According to Erica, not only did the self proclaimed Queen of the South not rush to be by her granddaughter’s side, there’s a possibility that she hasn’t bothered to check on Emani since the incident.

“She didn’t move. My mom left, I left, and of course, Scrappy left. I haven’t heard from her, she hasn’t called and ask how she’s doing, I mean nothing,” Erica said before giving Momma Dee the benefit of the doubt. “Then again, she does see her dad, so I don’t know if she’s reached out to Scrappy or what, but she never reached out as far as I know.”


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Erica Dixon Dogs Momma Dee for Not Dealing with Family Emergency  was originally published on zhiphopcleveland.com