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By Ty Alexander

How many times have you visited the Louis Vuitton, Tori Burch, Burberry and Hermes websites, and died a little inside when you saw the prices? So, you go to Craigslist, Amazon or eBay to find a cheaper version? In today’s luxury marketplace, numerous online merchandisers create and sell knockoff items. So, unfortunately, there are more fakes than ever. If you are shopping on any of those sites, you should be careful when purchasing designer handbags and know that you may be looking at a counterfeit.

Fit and finish is key! A bag shouldn’t have sloppy seams or sewing, especially inside. Closely inspect the details of zippers, stitching and hardware.

Check the spellings and logos. If there is a typographical error on the inner tag, or on the outside or inside of the bag, it is a fake.

Research the retail value of brand new designer bags and see if the item in question matches up in price.

Check the material. If the leather isn’t heavy isn’t heavy like leather should be it’s not real or poorly made meaning it’s not real. Also, if it’s supposed to be durable canvas, it should be strong and well stitched, not thin and flimsy.

How your bag wears in can be a sign of its authenticity. The leather on the handle, after a few weeks, should look like a good worn leather jacket does and have an “aged look”. Additionally, stitching should stay intact and not begin to fray and zipper handles that fall off early on indicate a fake.

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