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Rapper J. Cole is known for his rap style and mixing that with substance. In his latest video for “Crooked Smile,” Jermaine Cole leaves fans and the government with another powerful message. The clip for the second single off of “Born Sinner” which features TLC centers around two men on opposite sides of the law and how their individual paths cross and the tragic outcome of their interaction.

Cole is a drug dealer who invites his family over for his little sister’s birthday celebration. As the family celebrate the young girl, the house is raided for drugs and in the process of arresting Cole, the little girl is gunned down by the police. the truly heartbreaking part of the clip comes at the end when it’s revealed exactly how similar the lives of the drug dealer and the DEA agent’s lives are. Once the video is over, a message appears on screen saying, “And please reconsider your war on drugs.”

J. Cole then dedicated the video to Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

Check the touching video below.



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