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img_40071An unpleasant invasion is underway in many homes as stinkbugs are making their presence felt — and smelled — in central Ohio.

The bugs, which emit a displeasing odor from their abdomens, usually spend winters in piles of leaves, rotting wood, or loose bark — but they have no problem spending the season inside homes that are not properly sealed.

“Most of these insects can get in through crevices about a sixth of an inch,” said Gerry Wegner, the technical director for Varment Guard, a pest control business.

“Then, they follow more heat and light that might peek in from the living space, and that brings them right into our area.

There are ways to deal with the presence of stinkbugs that find their ways into homes, including vacuuming.

Wegner recommends the use of a shop vac instead of a traditional device due to the bugs’ tendency to release their odor as they travel through the tubes.

Pesticides can also be used to combat a stinkbug infestation, and typically take a half-hour to kill the insects.

Wegner also has a tip for homeowners who become victims of the bugs’ most notable attribute: baking soda can be used to cover the insects’ smell.



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