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As we previously reportedThe World Famous Wake Up Show recently created a Hip Hop experience like none other. They took Grammy Award Winning musicians who had never played together before and paired them with emerging Hip Hop artists. The result was a day of Hip Hop genius. They are finally rolling out the videos from that amazing day and The Urban Daily has the exclusive videos below.



Let us be clear, Crooked I had a point to prove to the young generation in that room and that message was, “You ain’t gettin my spot B!”! There was nothing short of phenomenal energy once the Crooked one took the mic. Everyone in the room just kept waiting to see when it would be over because up to that point every artist had been doing two verses and DJ Revolution ripped the hook. But as you just saw Crooked I took matters into his own hands and spit like eleventy-billion dope bars! He more than secured his job that day! But what’s more, he served as a tremendous source of inspiration for each and every artist in the room. The only one thing that could have made his performance better for us would have been if he yelled SLAUGHTERHOUSE and slammed the mic on the floor! But since he didn’t we’ll just accept the lyrical brilliance he did share and move on!

The very first artist out of the emerging group was a spitter from Baltimore, MD named Senica Da Misfit. Senica’s wordplay is ferocious and his quotable counts are insane! But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at him in his new Wake Up Show Unplugged video below!



Well there you go! Two very different and very dope performances! Through the coming weeks there will be even more of them so stay tuned!

Check out for new updates on both the “Wake Up Show Unplugged” project and to keep up with Tech, Sway and Rev about what’s going on with their show on Sirius XM/ Shade 45! You can also follow them on Twitter at @wakeupshow. Don’t forget to tune in Monday nights, Shade 45 on Sirius XM at 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT!


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