Rapper and movie star Ludacris will be featured in a massive government ad campaign urging African-Americans to take part in the 2010 Census. African-Americans have been under-counted in previous Censuses, and Luda’s been recruited to change that this time around. Cris will be featured in radio spots and Internet webisodes explaining why it’s important for everyone to fill out and their Census forms and mail them in to the government. Luda will also spread the word about the Census with special appearances in five cities with large African-American populations: Dallas (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), New York City, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta (Georgia).

Luda says the Census is crucial because it’s used to determine how federal dollars are spent around the country. In a news release from the U.S. Census Bureau, Ludacris stated: “I look at our communities now and I see many empty lots, closed clinics, dilapidated schools and an overall breakdown of social services for the poor and elderly. Today is a day for change. I plan to knock on doors in various neighborhoods around this country to try and dispel any myths about the Census. It’s important that we all stand up and be counted so we can help create potential financial opportunities for our dying communities.”

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