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Let’s say your boyfriend hits a Powerball jackpot of $338 million, and his first thought was to immediately pay the neighbor’s rent and utility bills. Well, Ines Sanchez knows this story all too well. Last spring, her former lover, Pedro Quezada of Clinton, New Jersey did just that and didn’t even think to cut her a piece of the check. Not only does Ines share a child with Pedro, share ownership of grocery store in Passaic, New Jersey, but also she lived with him for ten years.

Last month, Ines Sanchez moved out of the recently purchased home that she shared with Quezada. Attorneys say she has a pending domestic violence claim against him, but Quezada’s lawyers declined to remark on any aspect of the case.

According to the state lottery, Pedro Quezada chose a lump sum payment of $211 million and received a $152 million check after taxes, but now most of that money is long gone. Pedro sent $57 million to the Dominican Republic, $5 million was given away, and $300,000 went to furnishing the ex-couple’s new home. But, $20 million hasn’t been found, according to Sanchez’s attorney, Michael De Marco of North Haledon.

De Marco tells state Superior Court Chancery Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh, “I think we’re kidding ourselves to say we’ll ever see any of that money again.”

Pretty sure Sanchez won’t be seeing that money any time soon! What do you think?

If Your Boyfriend Hit The Lottery…  was originally published on oldschool1003.com

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