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Some like the open sea. Some like fishing the flats. SOURCE

Not everyone — some like fishing under the manhole covers. And no, it’s not C.H.U.D. that’s biting the hook. Anything from bass to catfish has been pulled up on these Youtube videos.

Sewer fishing in the suburbs might be considered a new trend, although, there are quite a few comments on the web that say otherwise. Whether it’s a new trend or a reinvention, fishing in the gutter is catching on.

For the Win reported that according to Kyle Naegeli, a 15-year-old Texas resident who believes he is the pioneer of sewer fishing, to sewer fish you need some line, some bait and some patience.

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Naegeli said that his adventures in sewer fishing began after he dropped a ball down the sewer and realized there was water in it. His first attempt began with a $5 bet with his dad that he couldn’t catch a fish.

Since making that bet, he’s caught much more than just one. To nab the fish, he sets a 10 foot line through the sewer hole with some hot dogs as bait at the end and checks out his window to see if it moves.

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These are freshwater fish, mainly bass and mudcats, but who knows what bull sharks and other saltwater drain dwellers might be swimming up our sewers from the ocean.

Check out this other example of fishing the drains.

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