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Du-Rags vs. Confederate FlagsEvery year, a new wave of fashion trends sweep the nation and are worn to death by those who want to be seen as trendy or what have you. However, it always seems that people regret being trendy a year later when they see how ridiculous they looked in last year’s big fashion trend. Our friends at The Smoking Section put together a list of big fashion trends that happened in 2013 that need to stay in 2013. Check out an excerpt:

Confederate Flags

As an admitted fan boy of all things Yeezy, even I was shocked by him putting Confederate flag imagery on something as meaningless as tour merchandise. Kanye West’s a master at evoking (or provoking, depending what side of the Kanye narrative you subscribe to) emotion but this was tasteless because it lacked meaning. He seeks to take “ownership” of something that those of us who grew up in the South would rather just go away. I see that flag being waved around like some badge of honor. I see cars with VANITY LICENSE PLATES that give shout outs to those that fought for their “way of life” to prevail.

So yeah, needless to say, I hope he is the first and last to do this shit.

To check out the rest of the list, head over to The Smoking Section.


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