WATER COOLER TALK:  The divorce between Porsha Williams (Stewart) and Kordell is final as of December and the settlement documents have been released.

The two had NO prenup but somehow Porsha ended up with hardly anything!

According to TMZ, Porsha will NOT get any alimony, she won’t be able to keep their house and she won’t receive any NFL retirement money.  Oh, and she gets no cash and NO health insurance. Not only that, she’s forced to pay off her own credit card balances.

So what does Porsha get to keep? She will keep her engagement ring, $19,000 for her attorneys and other things like her jewelry, clothes and personal items.

As for her ex-husband Kordell, he gets two houses, two plots of land, a 2013 Mercedes, a 2010 Porsche AND his full retirement benefits. He also will keep 100% interest in his companies.

Do you think this is a fair settlement?

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