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As the host of a popular daytime television program, Wendy Williams gets a lot of love from her viewers.

But flashback to her childhood and that love was not as prevalent when it came to her own physical appearance. Williams’ issue with her weight is one of many topics discussed during her appearance on Centric TV’s “Being.”

According to Williams, her family was more concerned about her weight than she was.

“I was the odd ball in my family,” she said. “Nobody in my family is overweight and here I come,” she said. “I was on a diet from 1st grade on. When I was an adolescent, they would weigh me every morning,”

Although she didn’t believe it was necessary back then, Williams believes her family’s efforts may have been a plus for her.

“When I look back at pictures, I wasn’t fat, but if they never gave me the business, maybe I would be today,” said the former radio show host, who admitted to feeling “skinny” and “attractive” today at 49.

Radio may have provided the perfect way for Williams to hide her weight issues, but late nights on the air by herself gave way to a growing addiction to drugs that she hid that she kept private.

“I could literally smoke my crack right there in the studio,” she said. “I loved doing coke. I absolutely loved it and there was never a time when I said I can’t do this anymore. I was able to pay my bills. I was able to live a nice life.”

The effect of Williams’ drug use wasn’t apparent on her as she realized now that her family and friends did not know how to talk to her about her addiction.

“It doesn’t work until the person who’s on the drug wants to quit. Interventions only drive them away from wanting to be around you,” she explained. “I quit because it was time.”

With a new attitude and a drug-free state of mind, Williams has found satisfaction in her “Wendy Williams” show, which is the highest rated daytime series among Black households.

“It gets no higher than having my name on the marquee of a talk show,” she said.

To see Wendy Williams’ appearance on “Being,” click on the link to check out the video – > Wendy Williams


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