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*Peter Rosenberg (Hot 97) tried to call out Jay Z, but Jay called up Rosenberg to let him know he was messing with the wrong one!

Jay checked him for joking he was jocking Kanye West‘s style by doing a song with Daft Punk.

It got real when Jay surprisedly called up Rosenberg on an unknown number over the weekend.

Rosenberg talked about the experience on Hot 97‘s “The Realness.

“You always talking your [expletive]. Can I talk my [expletive] for a minute? What’d you say bout me the other day?”

Rosenberg admittedly said Jay brought up some valid points.

“He went on to explain to me in very clear detail why those words should never come out of my mouth,” Rosenberg said.

He continued with:

“I won’t say everything that he said, but I will say he definitely made some clear, salient, strong points that I couldn’t argue very well, and I respected it.”

Hilariously, Rosenberg heard a baby cooing and talking in the background. He believed Blue Ivy was on her daddy’s lap.

Good thing Jay didn’t give Blue Ivy the phone. She would have probably gone in on Rosenberg for talking about her daddy, right?!

Well, it’s safe to say Rosenberg learned his lesson.

Watch Rosenberg talk about his phone encounter with Jay Z:


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