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According to hiphopdx.com Young Money spitter Lil Wayne was one of the artists featured on the Destiny’s Child single “Soldier.” Released nearly a decade ago, the song reached the #3 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and according to Wayne, the song put him on another plateau musically.

Lil Wayne was asked about the record during a Q&A segment following his CRWN interview last week at South By Southwest. He says the song didn’t serve as a rebirth, but did prove to be a significant move in his music career.

“I didn’t look at it as the rebirth,”

Lil Wayne said.

“But I see the word you mean. I see why you used that word ‘rebirth’…But I looked at it like it was definitely my platform…That set me off right there…I forgot to even mention that. That song right there, that verse, them little eight bars. That got me there, boy…If you ask me ‘Why?’ [Because] it was Beyoncé. That shit was big, man. Destiny Childs ‘Solider,’ it was poppin. We was on there. We was there early.”

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