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boy beating



Michigan parents Stefon Tirrell Felton, 39, Demitria Latrion Powell, 28, and grandmother Uteas Michelle Taylor, 42 have all been arrested and charged with child abuse after filming a video spanking their 11 year old son with a belt for over 60 times.  The reasoning behind this?  According to the adults in the video the 11 year old boy posted on facebook that he was a gangster, had bad grades at school and was taking phones to school that they didn’t allow. 

The six minute video showed the adults verbally attacking the child, the mother slapping the child in the face and a the grandmother spanking so bad that the boys legs were buckling all while the father video tapped the incident.  The video was shared over nine thousand times before being removed from the child’s facebook page.  The mother even states in the video that she didn’t care what anybody thought and dared viewers to call Social Services.  And it seems that is exactly what some concerned viewers did because the adults in the video have now been arrested and all charged with child abuse which is a felony in Flint Michigan.   The boy and his siblings are now in protective custody.

Watch the news report & a clip of the video here:


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The law states that physical discipline is allowed by not excessive.  In your opinion do you feel that this was discipline or abuse?


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