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This transgender student at George Fox University, in Oregon, who used to be a female, wants to move into the male dorms, but the institution did not approve his request.

“I have the right, as any other male, to live on campus with males,”Jayce M (pictured) said. “I’m going to fight for that.”


The university originally told him that he could not live with his male friends on-campus next year, but he could live in a single room or stay off-campus.

“We hope they’ll reconsider their initial decision,” said Paul Southwick, Jayce’s attorney. Southwick has recently filed a complaint with the Department of Education over the matter. Jayce has been living in the female dorms over the past year and during this time he completed his sexual transition. So far, Jayce’s battle has generated some support online. More than 16,000 people have signed a change.org petition asking that the university honor Jayce’s request.

Do you think he should be able to live in the male dorms, now that he is a man?