As most of you know Nicki Minaj was throwing mad shade at somebody at the BET Awards and of course everyone assumed it was Iggy just because of the supposed claim Iggy had for Nicki’s title of Number 1 Female Hip Hop artist.

Nicki’s acceptance to BET’s Female HipHop Artist of the Year Speech

FINALLY, Iggy responds with a simple instagram pic… (Below)

Caption: This is my mind state about everything & the only time I’m ever going to refer to this again so go nuts guys, Enjoy it. Ps. If you squint exxxtra hard you can see tiny elves having illuminati meetings between the lines in my notes app too.

…and then later with two simple tweets

…Buuuut all after posting this on her instagram

One might say she is taking the “high road”, but one might also say she is throwing her own form of shade AND NOT JUST AT NICK.

I’m just saying not but 2 hours after posting a pic of her record breaking achievement of being the ONLY female rapper to stay on the Top Billboards 100 list FOR THIS LONG you put out two tweets and a instapic claiming you’re not bothered by what any one has to say on the issue that you don’t even think exist,especially since you “feel like the award is overlooked” anyways, and no one is suppose to see that as #SilentShade?!?

I’m sorry but Iggy just politely told Nicki and all the people who are #teamnicki that “YOU ARE A NON FACTOR!!”

But Im probly just being Messy… You tell me what you think.

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