21-year-old Joshua James Driskell  took a cab to the McDonald’s next door to the Key Bank in October last year. Driskell went into the bank and allegedly handed the teller a note demanding $5,000 without saying a word. (Kitsap Sun)


According to Huffington Post Driskell was arrested for robbing the same bank and teller in September of 2010 and just completed his prison sentence a month before he did “The Job”.

“When police investigated the latest robbery at that branch, they didn’t have to look hard to find their suspect. Police say surveillance cameras caught clear photos of Driskell, as well as his getaway car. He was arrested at his apartment only three hours after the crime, the car was parked in the apartment complex.” – CBS SEATTLE 


To put the icing on the cake when police spoke to Driskell, he told them out of the $2000 get got from the job he spent most on marijuana. What?!? You just said “F” it after you got caught didn’t you Driskell lol.

You Big Dummy!!


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