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As we all know the only females doin’it big in the rap gang is Nicki Minaj and Iggy. Iggy has been fighting to get the title of Best Female HipHop Artist and The Mighty Nicki has been defending that 5 year long title.

But “The Ruler’s Back”

34 year old Remy Ma, was sentenced to eight years in prison in May 2008 for shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph after a fight (she’s a real thug lol). After serving six years, Remy Ma was released out of jail early on good behavior on August 1st and immediately hit the Studio with Dj Khaled and hoped on the “They dont love you no more” Remix. (Listen)

5 weeks ago a picture this posted on Remy’s  instagram.

Shots fired Bang Bang… I would say that was a warning… but you know I’ve been wrong before.

Apparently Nicki saw the same thing I saw because for the past 2 weeks she has been acting accordingly.

Timeline please…Dont worry I got you:

1. Nicki’s Instagram has been buzzing with Possible love interest August Alsina  (buts that jus me bein messy)

2. July 29th Jessie J’s  Bang Bang  featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Drops and is now the number one song on Itunes

3. Kills it with the No Flex Xone Remix

4. Nicki Anaconda Booty Pic post lets the world know the songs release date is Monday August 4th

5. July 31st Remy Ma’s Release date is pushed back to an “unknown date”

6. August 1st Remy gets out

7. August 2nd Remy’s Remix is release on the same day of the Early release of Nicki’s New Anaconda

8. Same night Nicki Minaj Drops Remix of her and Queen B’s collab of Flawless (Listen)

Coincidence I think not!! If you ask me Nicki knows who the real threat is… but I want to know with all the unwinding of these events what do you think will happen?? Will Iggy even be relevant anymore? Will Nicki Minaj Still hold the title of Best Female HipHop Artist? Can Remy Ma still hold her own from being away so long?

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