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According to Vlad TV, rapper Tony Yayo has responded to fellow rapper Fredro Starr‘s comments regarding an alleged confrontation between himself, Starr and the rapper 50 Cent.

During a recent super intense interview, Starr briefly addressed his beef with 50. In the interview, Starr claimed that 50 Cent and Tony Yayo ran away from him.

Well, we guess Yayo  begs to differ as he took to his Twitter account to give his own interpretation of the incident.


Yayo tweet


Now to be fair there hasn’t been any other confirmation of this ever taking place and neither Starr nor 50 Cent have had any comment about it. So, who knows if it even happened. We hear so many crazy stories now a days it’s sort of hard to know what it just talk anymore.

You know…there is something sort of weird about grown men slapping one another. We don’t understand the fascination with that. But we digress!

We hope this trio focuses on their on bars in the future and lets the slapping go…because what we want most from is their music..not a WorldStar video! Just saying.


Tony Yayo Claims 50 Cent Slapped The Tar Out Of Fredro Starr  was originally published on theurbandaily.com