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Lil Boosie Press ConferenceI care about Lil’ Boosie only in select locations: the club, the gym, or a drunken state. He’s had a few political musings here and there that I find interesting – i.e. speaking against the Iraqi invasion in “Do The Ratchet – but for the most part, I give not a single damn about his political musings because they’re probably about as valuable as a peso in a Chinese take out spot in the hood. Unfortunately, that is the not the case for everyone else.

So, it was with great sadness that I tackle Lil’ Boosie’s audition for #NewBlack currently populated by Don Lemon, Pharrell, and Pharrell’s hat. Indeed, in an interview with Peter Bailey, Boosie declared that us Negroes are the worst racial group in the world.


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