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“I Truly Love Her And Wish Her Well”: K. Michelle Tries To Extend An Olive Branch To Elle Varner…Yet Again – See more at:

While talking with The Breakfast Club last month, K. Michelle threw quite a bit of shade at a few people, including former friend, Elle Varner. She had been going out of her way to trash the “Refill” singer here and there, only to turn around and say that they were working on their friendship. But during her most recent chat at the station, she was pretty cold, and tried to call Varner a thief  who had stole the song “Cold Case” and K’s style:

“I was in her ear when she was going through it with Iman like, ‘f**k him’. She wanted to start saying ‘f**k you.’ I was like, ‘this is not you’. Next thing, I look up and she’s on couches, turning up going ham on people. I’m like ‘whoa.’ Even management was like ‘whoa.’

I’m the only b***h yodeling in these hooks. You can’t do this. She went and put it out. Management told me they didn’t like the record and they wasn’t gonna put it out.”

Earlier this week, Varner put out the dope new video for her song, “F**k It All,” and K was such a fan of it that she shouted Varner out on her own Instagram page:


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Varner reposted K’s message on her Instagram page and thanked her for the kind words.

“I appreciate this. I wish you the best as well @kmichellemusic #f**kitall #loveemall”

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