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The decision has come down and there will be no indictment against Darren Wilson…he will not face charges in Browns shooting. All across the country hearts weigh heavy… people are hurt and confused. Its as if violence is the only option, especially in Ferguson.

This was Ferguson early Tuesday morning.

According to CNN Shattered glass from looted stores covered the asphalt. The smoke of tear gas lingered in the cold air. And more than a dozen buildings, including stores owned by local residents, were inexplicably set ablaze.

“This ain’t Iraq. This is the United States,” Demetric Whitlock yelled to a line of police officers on South Florissant Road, in front of the Ferguson Police Department.

Emotions are high all over… the question right now is WHAT NEXT?!?


You can take this how ever you want to take it, but I don’t know whats next… there are really 3 different ways to react:

  • Act with PEACE
  • Act with VIOLENCE
  • Don’t ACT at all

Either way you act, events like this will continue to happen and there is nothing we can do but move forward, stay positive, #staywoke. Honestly we can take this laying down, standing up, fighting, or silently but either way we are just going to keep “taking this”.  It wont change all we can do is adapt.

The police are not here to protect US, the system is not put in place to make sure we have JUSTICE, its put in place to keep things in line and police are here to maintain order. When things are out of order or out of line the system has to correct it and they delegate their man to regulate.

So the question is not what’s next, its what’s smart? Stay out of trouble…don’t bring any negative attention to your self. Don’t be scared just be careful and move forward being a positive. Make your difference through your education, music, art, and making a difference in your own special way. Lets be real, there are people that are out here acting a fool. Robbing people, killing people, just causing problems to cause problems, and there is nothing we can really do about those people. That’s not all of us tho. There is strength in numbers, and the positive needs to out weigh the negative.


One way to help the positive out weigh the negative is with Today’s Peace Rally put together by Ferguson National Response Network at @ 4PM North of the State house at the Peace Statue…1 capitol square, Columbus, OH 43215





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