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New York cinema cancels “The Interview” premiere after hackers’ threat

A theater has canceled the New York premiere of “The Interview” after a group that claimed it hacked Sony Pictures posted a threat against people who go to watch the movie.

On Pastebin, a website that allows for anonymous posts, hackers claiming to be the “Guardians of Peace” said people who see the Sony movie would suffer a “bitter fate.”

“The Interview” is a comedy about a plot to kill North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un.

“We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places ‘The Interview’ be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to,” the hacking group said. “The world will be full of fear. Remember the 11th of September 2001.”

The Guardians of Peace have told people who live close to movie theaters to keep their distance. The premiere was scheduled for Thursday at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema in New York. “The Interview” remains set to be released to theaters on Christmas.

While Sony doesn’t plan to pull the movie, the company has indicated it won’t object if theaters decide not to show the film, according to a person close to the situation.

The New York Police Department said earlier that it planned to have police on site, as well as additional forces for rapid response in case of any emergency, according to the agency’s deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism, John Miller.

Meanwhile, the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security said that currently, “there is no credible intelligence to indicate an active plot against movie theaters within the United States.”

A source directly involved in Sony’s hacking response said the company would not comment immediately on the news, because the FBI is investigating the hack.

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On Tuesday, the Sony (SNE) hackers also released emails from Sony Entertainment Chairman Michael Lynton.

The group has been systematically exposing documents that they hacked from Sony’s servers, including personal information about celebrities, embarrassing emails from executives, internal memos and leaked movie scripts. It apparently can all be traced to North Korea being unhappy about Sony Pictures’ upcoming release of “The Interview.” The movie is set to open on Christmas Day.

Shortly after news of the threat — which significantly raised the stakes in this Sony hacking saga — actors Seth Rogen and James Franco canceled all of their upcoming press events, according to BuzzFeed, which was hosting an event with the two.

Kym Worthy: 2,000 warrant requests never brought back by Detroit police

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is bogged down with more cases than the staff can handle and Prosecutor Kym Worthy is pointing the finger at Detroit police.

There is also a backlog of warrants as well.

Worthy is describing the number of warrant requests sent back to the Detroit Police Department because the investigations were lacking – even for murder cases.

While there is lingering concern on the impact budget cuts have had on backlogged warrants, Worthy says there are none for suspects that Detroit police has in custody.

Even so, Worthy says Detroit police will often send her office a warrant request after holding a suspect for 60, sometimes, 70 hours.

If charges are not brought in 72 hours, the suspect has to be cut loose.

Worthy says her office continues to be bogged down by budget cuts and having lost half its staff over the past two years.

She’s hopeful incoming Wayne County Executive Warren Evans can turn the tide.

He says he’s brainstorming ways to fill vacancies in her office, but it may be a tall order for a county strapped for cash and has to cut costs to avoid a financial disaster.

FOX 2 contacted the Detroit Police Department, but declined to comment.

Lawmakers rush to ban powdered alcohol before it lands in stores

Powdered alcohol hasn’t even arrived in stores yet, but states already are moving to ban the product touted by its inventor as an easy way to mix a drink on the go.

Colorado is the latest state considering prohibiting “Palcohol” amid concern it will increase underage drinking. The product is marketed as an ounce of rum or vodka in powdered form, which is then added to water.

Each serving is the equivalent of a shot of liquor, according to Lipsmark, the company that owns Palcohol.

Johnson said he fears powdered alcohol will make it easier for children to “sprinkle it on top of their Wheaties for breakfast” and increase the potential for alcohol poisoning.

The company’s website notes various instances where they argue the product would be convenient, including on flights and as an antiseptic on remote locations. Palcohol’s creator, Mark Phillips, said he thought of the idea because it would be easier to carry powder for a drink during a long hike or other outdoor activities.

Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont already have banned powdered alcohol, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Minnesota, Ohio, and New York also are considering bans, the organization said.

In a video posted on the company’s website, Phillips dismisses the concerns about underage drinking, noting the product would be sold only at liquor stores to people 21 and older. In the video, he also argues it would be impractical for people to snort the powder, as some critics fear, because it would be painful to do and the amount of powder in a package fills about half a glass tumbler.

The company doesn’t expect Palcohol will be available in stores until spring 2015 at the earliest. They’re still waiting for labeling approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

The Food and Drug Administration said it does not have a legal basis to block the product after examining the non-alcoholic ingredients in the powder.

Lynne Barbour, director of communications for Palcohol, said states should control the product instead of banning it.

In addition to making Palcohol available as powdered rum and vodka, the company plans four cocktail varieties – Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Lemon Drop, and Powderita.

Republican Rep. JoAnn Windholz is sponsoring a bill to ban powdered alcohol in Colorado during the legislative session that begins next month. She said it’s prudent for states to ban the product until they know how it can affect people if it happens to be stronger than liquid alcohol – another concern Phillips contends is unfounded.

Windholz said states should make sure they have a regulatory system in place before allowing powdered alcohol to be sold.

Pacquaio Urges Mayweather to Fight & “Give Fans What They Want”

Fans have been questioning whether Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will ever throw down in the ring before their retirement, and the Philippino boxer hit up Floyd to urge him to fight. He tweeted at the Michigan-born champ, asking him to fight for the sake of the fans.

Mayweather openly spoke about the match during an interview with Showtime on Friday, saying that he wanted to fight Pacquiao on Cino de Mayo, “We are ready. Let’s make it happen. May 2. Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao. Let’s do it.”

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