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1. UPDATE: August Alsina Not to Blame for Fight at Non-Violence Concert…?

So Saturday, August Alsina got into a fight backstage at a non-violence concert. Initially, it was said that August showed up late and the promoter was angry about it, and a fight broke up. Watch it below:

Well now, August’s camp is saying that the real reason August performed late was because the promoter was late paying his money. And the promoter threw the first blow, while August and his camp were just defending themselves. You be the judge.

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2. Nene Leakes’ Son in Trouble with the Law Again

While NeNe has been living a fairy tale in Cinderella on Broadway, she’s been keeping her private life hidden away — especially her jailbird son’s dark secrets!

While Bryson Bryant is no stranger to run-ins with the law with at least 4 past arrests, he just can’t seem to keep himself out of legal hot water. Most recently, we’ve learned, NeNe’s son spent time in jail and court-ordered rehab after drug- and alcohol-related issues spiraled out of control in one wild year.

According to court documents NeNe’s eldest son was found guilty of reckless driving by a Johns Creek, Georgia, judge in December 2013 — and his rap sheet only got thicker from there.

A police report states that in June 2013 at 4:15 in the morning, Bryant totaled his silver Dodge Charger when he crashed and it flipped upside down in a ditch, leaving two utility poles broken in half in his wake.

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3. Ochocinco and Girlfriend Expecting Child

ocho expecting

Ochocinco’s girlfriend has been fighting off pregnancy rumors for months, but after recently posting a sonogram on her Instagram page, many believed that she confirmed the news. The former NFL player has been dating the woman, who goes by @barbie_bates_ on Instagram, publicly since last year.

Barbie seemed somewhat on the fence about the news, titling her post, “Why me Lord?,” and added, “She’s healthy tho and that’s what matters most.”

Chad already has four girls, and according to Barbie’s post, they pair are adding another little lady to the pack. Check out her post below.

ocho ultrasound

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4. TLC Raises $50K towards  Kickstarted album!

T-Boz and Chili announced plans to release their final album…but instead of going through a label, they started a Kickstarter account and are asking for $150,000 from fans. In 24 hours, they raised $50,000! The average donation is between $500-$1,000. If they keep this up, that album could be out sooner than later!

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5. Delta Sigma Theta Kicks out 5 ‘Sorority Sisters’ Cast Members

Five members of Delta Sigma Theta were expelled permanently from the sorority for their participation on the reviled VH1 reality show set in Atlanta “Sorority Sisters.” (You can see the list here.)

Lydia Mitchell and Priyanka Banks from Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL

MeToya Monroe, State University of West Georgia, Carrollton

Adrene Ashford from Marietta

Shanna McCormick from Nashville

Their expulsion date of January 13 coincided with the day VH1 changed its schedule and dumped the show’s final three episodes unceremoniously this past Friday. It came a day after it was reported two others – April McRaeand Joy Hammond – were suspended for 18 months from Alpha Kappa Alpha. If more than half the cast of nine was no longer technically part of a sorority, that more or less negated the whole concept of the show.

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