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Lil Wayne Young Thug

It was all good just a week ago! Now Young Thug is taking shots at Lil Wayne!

Say it ain’t so! Really hoping that Young thug is joking but he has said that he will call his upcoming project, “The Carter 6”.  Now thats dirty!  I’m not sure, but what do you think would happen if Young Thug was to actually do that?  Could Young Thug just be joking?  Maybe Birdman is behind this.


So whats wrong with this picture?  Do you see anything?  Well, it’s playing off the movement, “Black Lives Matter”.

via Bossip

Company Blames Kenya Moore For Black Wives Matters PostersKenya Moore is always up to no good…Reality Tea readers emailed us photos of posters that were plastered around Atlanta, depicting The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast with the slogan “Black Wives Matter,” a tacky play on the Black Lives Matter movement. Bravo reached out yesterday to clarify that they had nothing to do with the offensive posters. Today a company is apologizing for their part in the insensitive campaign, and seem to place blame on RHOA cast member Kenya Moore (or someone from her camp) for placing the poster order?! You can read the letter it in its entirety below. “To whom it may concern,We would like to start by apologizing for our involvement in the Black Wives Matter Bravo TV Real Housewives of Atlanta posters. This was never supposed to happen the way it did. We are part of a design team from Chicago that also works out of New York City. We were hired by who we believe was a representative of Ms. Kenya Moore in early December to design and print these posters. googletag.cmd.push(function(){googletag.display(“ad-tag-BossipBoxwithinLongformContent”);}); We are deeply sorry for propagating social injustice and pain in America. We are coming out about this because it has conflicted with our morals as a multi-racial design team. Major corporations and celebrities continue to exploit our culture for economic gain and as designers need to begin to stand our ground. Unfortunately through the Atlanta team’s manipulation techniques they are attempting to gain recognition through controversy and we feel this is immoral. This must stop NOW. Bravo and their affiliates must be held accountable because they continue to promote bad role models and distract our culture of the critical issues facing our country.To prove it was us we attached the original .PSD file with all the separate image layers. The posters were sent early Jan to a PO box in Atlanta. We do not know who put them up or where but we sent 50 total. We are trying to stop the rest from being put up. We are deeply sorry to anyone this hurt or angered. Again, we cannot apologize enough for allowing this period of cultural havoc to break down our already fragile society.”

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