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With This Ring

If anyone knows me, I am TOO EXCITED for this premiere of the series “With This Ring” but I want to know if you will be watching?  Take the Poll!

via NYDailyNews


When movie girlfriends go looking for Mr. Right, the measure of success for viewers is how much we enjoy the hunt.

“With This Ring” is a new Lifetime movie based on the best-selling book “The Vow,” which was written by Angela Burt-Murray, Mitzi Miller and former Daily News reporter Denene Millner.

In the movie, as in the book, the hunt proves rewarding.

That doesn’t mean that everyone lands the man of their dreams, or even a man about whom they had an occasional passing thought.

It does mean that along the way, while we’re rooting for all of them, they figure out what they really want, or who they really are, or maybe both.

To the extent the ensemble has a main character, it’s Trista (Regina Hall), a talent agent whose clients include her ex-boyfriend Damon (Brian White), who’s better at his career than commitment.


Trista’s posse includes Elise (Brooklyn Sudano), whose wedding inspires the others to vow they will marry within one year, one way or another. It also includes Viviane (Jill Scott), who’s quietly in love with her baby daddy, and Amaya (Eve Jeffers Cooper), an actress who’s running out of career time and self-esteem while she waits on her married boyfriend Keith (Deion Sanders).

The odds of all three finding their perfect Mr. Right are slim, we know, and they hit any number of unexpected stones in their pathways.

They persist, however, despite moments of doubt, and we follow them largely because we enjoy listening to them talk with each other.

The dialogue and complex weave of relationships feel believable and natural. So even if the outcomes don’t feel like revelations, they feel right, and the trip to get there feels the same.