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1. Migos Gets Clowned for Donating $1k to Atlanta High School


Migos decided to give back to an Atlanta high school, so they had a ceremony and donated money! Problem is, they only donated $1,000! Now I’m sure the school was grateful, and that may seem like a lot of money, but there are 3 members of Migos; that’s $333.33 per member! When your first song is called “Versace,” and you show up wearing $10,000 in jewelry…they basically donated free meals off the dollar menu for half of the 10th graders.

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2. Erica Mena Gets Put Out of Hotel in Cleveland

erica mena hotel

Erica Mena from Love and Hip Hop New York was in Cleveland to host a party, but apparently there was a problem in the hotel. There’s a video where Erica can ben seen arguing with police because her hotel room wasn’t paid for, and they wouldn’t let her go up.  Apparently, the promoters didn’t have her money to host the party, AND they cancelled her hotel reservation! Amongst other things, in the video she says, “I’m on a tv show!” Now I understand she wants the promoter to pay for the room, but how long are you gonna argue with the police about not having anywhere to go?? Where is your fiance Bow Wow? Why didn’t anybody just go to the Best Western and get a double bed?!? Check out the footage below:

3. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Are Playing With Our Emotions

floyd manny

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were spotted at the Miami Heat game, and appeared to be having a heated discussion! This of course sparked more rumors about them finally fighting. Listen…Floyd Mayweather is an actor. And this entire picture is fake and staged. The two of them are talking, and both holding the same cell phone. Floyd was probably yelling, “why didn’t you follow me back on IG?!?” Keep waiting on that fight…

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