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Drake Vs Lil Wayne - Clarkston, MI

In case you haven’t heard, Drake has teamed up with King of the Dot, one of the most respected battle leagues in the modern format, to put together “Blackout 5.” It’s pretty much the most anticipated battle event of the year so far and it’s going down Saturday February 7 and Sunday February 8 in Toronto. Here’s a breakdown of 10 reasons why this event is sure to be entertaining.

1. Drake’s Involvement

Whether Drake is at the event or not, he’s an important figure in King of the Dot’s “Blackout 5” organization. In fact, founder Organik has said Drake helped him set up the matches for this one, so Drizzy’s fingerprints are all over every single bout.

This isn’t the first time Drake’s been involved in the company’s dealings, of course. He’s co-hosted battles and has also helped organize other events. He’s a fan of the King of the Dot movement and now, part of its growth. He’s also become a friend to those who run the company. This looks like it’s just the beginning of a long relationship between Drake and KOTD. And who knows? Maybe one day, Drizzy will step into the ring himself. We can all hope, right?

2. The Main Event: Pat Stay Vs. Charron 

There’s a reason Drake has called this battle “epic.” Pat Stay and Charron are definitely the two most celebrated battlers in Canada right now. So, it makes sense that the two emcees will be facing off for the King Of The Dot title, a coveted chain that is currently held by Pat. Charron has made a name for himself, in and out of Canada, and is formidable challenger. This could be the best battle in the nation’s history and if it lives up to the buzz surrounding it, it could also be one of the best battles of the year.

3. The Surprise Element

Battles nowadays are announced months in advance. The emcees have a chance to prepare and the fans have time to debate about who they think will win. This event, however, is different from most battle events in that it’s all a mystery. The battlers know who they’ll be challenging, but fans don’t know the match-ups. Therefore, when the battles are announced on-site, it’ll be a surprise for nearly everyone in the venue. That’s the beauty of this event.

4. The Super Star Line-Up

When King of the Dot began announcing the line-up for “Blackout 5,” no one could have predicted the people the company booked for the event, including several A-List battlers from all over the map.

5. America’s Best Battlers

It’s just too powerful of a line-up. I mean, it’s filled with the best battlers from America: Hitman Holla, Arsonal, DNA, Daylyt, Serius Jones, Big T, Conceited, T-Rex, Rone, J-Pro, Head Ice, Marv Won and Illmaculate. 

6. Europe’s Best Battlers

That could have been an impressive card by itself, but then they added the best battlers from Europe: Shotty Horroh, Eurgh, Shuffle T and Soul. This is also interesting because of the rumored rivalry that existed between Eurgh’s Don’t Flop league and KOTD. Last year, Eurgh was vocal about it in a battle so it’ll be interesting to see how he’s received by the crowd when he arrives. Plus, it’s worth wondering who he’ll battle and if the rumored feud will be up for discussion. Oh, and of course, Shotty Horroh.

7. Canada’s Best Battlers

And of course, they added some of the best from Canada: Pat Stay, Charron, Tycoon Tax, 100 Bulletz and Hollohan. Canadian legends Kid Twist and Bishop Brigante are also making their returns at this event. These return battlers could have something that the game’s been missing and it’ll be interesting to see how they adapt to the new styles that exist today. Oh, and of course, Pat Stay vs. Charron.

8. Dumbfoundead’s Return

Dumbfoundead’s battle career is legendary. It’s been solidified through freestyles, cyphers and written battles. His first bout in the modern era, one where he faced off against Tantrum, is widely considered a classic bout. Since then, he only elevated his status as one of the most clever and hilarious battlers on the scene. And then he walked away.

He’s toured the world, rapped with famous friends and created a lane for himself outside of the battle arena, but something made him come back for King of the Dot’s “Blackout 5” card.

“It’s like a gladiator stepping into an arena,” Dumbfoundead said in a recently released introspective by KOTD ahead of #BO5. “You can clown somebody so bad that you just feel like a fucking king up there.”

9. Madchild’s Return

It’s been about three years since Madchild battled on KOTD. At the time, he had an impressive first performance against Dirtbag Dan, a formidable opponent. So, it’s great to see him coming back after focusing on his health and rap music. This time, it’ll be fun to see how he brings his style to the scene.

“I’ve shared the same stage with Snoop Dogg, Nickelback and Coldplay,” Madchild rhymed in his 2011 battle. “You’ve got a backpack with a tooth brush, a nickel bag and Colgate.”

An indie giant, Madchild is sure to bring fire power again. Who will his opponent be this time?

10. Shuffle T’s Comedy

Shuffle T has made a name for himself in an aggressive battle rap market by being the opposite of most cats. Instead of killing you with gun bars, he kills with comedy. The humorous 1-2 punch of Shuffle T and Marlo is phenomenal, but this time, Shuffle is going at it for dolo and he could prove to be one of the funnier acts on the bill.

How will the British humor translate in Canada?

11. What Will Daylyt Do? 

Daylyt is well known for his antics. He’s gotten naked during more than one battle. He’s tried to defecate on a stage during another one. He’s dressed up as Batman, Spawn, a KKK member, Jesus Christ and a Dragon Ball Z character. He’s had his son battle his friend. He’s even created a league of antics.

But Day’s also well respected for his pen. I mean, he’s even battled Ab-Soul. So it’s always a mystery with Day. Will he battle or will he do an antic? Will he do both? You never know.

12. The Co-Main Event

Shotty Horroh and Hitman Holla are two of the most-viewed battlers in the world. Imagine what this match-up will do numbers-wise. But aside from the numbers game that this battle will likely win, this match-up is also important for other reasons. It’s Hitman’s debut on KOTD. It’s also Horroh’s return. It’s a bit of a style clash and one that pits two greats against one another on neutral ground. This has the makings of a classic.

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