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1. Birdman Can’t Get Into the Club

birdman denied entry

Birdman is losing in these streets! He showed up at the club where Nicki Minaj was hosting, and security wouldn’t let him in! Birdman and his crew were walking back to their truck, and TMZ asked why they couldn’t get in…a member of the entourage said “cause they’re closed, that’s why!”

Um, sir! If celebs can shut down Disneyworld for a family vacation, you telling me you can’t get in the club because it just closed?!? Naw, Nicki just don’t mess wichu. You lost.


2. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Not Really Married?!?

dwyane wade gabby not married

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union aren’t really married!! The Miami-Dade County Marriage license manager said “they obtained a license before the ceremony, but they still haven’t returned the license signed by the person who officiated the ceremony. So their marriage has not been ¬†recorded by the state.” So you’re telling me that¬†Dwyane Wade has 3 sons and a side baby, and Gabrielle Union isn’t even his real wife?? If you don’t turn in that paper!


3. Kanye West Has Epic Grammy Rant

kanye beck

Kanye West is back at it! Last night at the Grammys, when Beck went up to accept his award for “Album of the Year,” Kanye wasn’t too far behind him. We were all scared there would be another “Ima let you finish” moment, but luckily he seemed to be joking. Well…..not exactly:

Um, Kanye…I’m really happy for you…Ima let you finish…but if you don’t sit down and stop acting like you’re Beyonce’s husband!! You are married to Kim, Bey is married to Jay! I don’t see you giving any of your Grammy’s back….stop it.


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