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1. K Michelle Twerkin to Safaree’s Music…They Dating or Naw?

safaree k michelle

Nicki Minaj and her ex Safaree went their separate ways, and while Nicki has been tryna force us to believe she’s dating Meek Mill, apparently Safaree has moved on too…to K Michelle?? They spent 2 hours in the VIP of some New York club on Valentine’s Day, so you know it’s real…and that was just 2 weeks after K posted a video of herself twerking to his new song. This how you know they’re really dating; who in the hell even KNOWS one Safaree song, let alone is dancing to it?? They might be in love!


2. Chris Brown Denied Entry Into Canada Hours Before Sold-Out Show

chris brown denied

Chris Brown has been doing really well lately…and here comes Canada hating on him. So he had a show in Montreal last night, but got stopped at the border. They wouldn’t allow him to cross the border to perform to his sold-out audience…because he’s been convicted of assault. So you tellin me George Zimmerman is walking around here free, but Chris Brown can’t go make his money…??


3. Apple FINALLY Getting Black People Emojis

black emojis 2

Well lookie here. In 2015, after sit-ins, rallys, marches, and protests….Apple finally heard our complaints, and decided to add diversity to its emojis. Yup, a new operation system will be available this spring that will include black girls, black boys, and black ‘thumps up’ emojis. You’ll hold down the emoji, and the shade gradually changes. Well it damn sure took you look enough, Apple! We got a black President before we got black emojis. Shame!


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