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weh ent report 2-26

1. Bobby Shmurda Facing New Charges

bobby shmurda 25 years

It’s not looking good for Bobby Shmurda. While his gun possession charge was dropped, he’s now become a part of a conspiracy case that could get him 25 years in jail! He was arrested last June for waving a pistol and trying to hide it in a couch, then he got out on bail and got a record deal…and now, it’s not looking like he’s gonna get out. You think he’s doing the shmoney dance in his cell…?


2. Kim K Spends HOW MUCH to Photoshop Selfies?

kim k selfie

There’s no doubt Kim Kardashian takes some amazingly perfect pictures. I mean, you don’t release a book of selfies without some dope selfies, right? Welp, word is, she makes sure these pictures are perfect…because she spends about $100,000 a year to get them touched up before posting them! Now I know she’s rich…but this is ridiculous. So you’re too good for the Rise filter. So you’re too good to edit your own pictures. This is Petty LaBelle.


3. So THIS is What Got Nicki Minaj’s Tour Manager Killed…SMH

nicki minager killed

An arrest has been made in connection with the stabbing death of Nicki Minaj’s tour manager De’Von Pickett. You won’t believe what happened. Basically, De’Von and another guy were in Philly at a bar. They got into it with another group of guys, and those guys stabbed De’Von to death. Why did they get into it….? Over a woman who worked in the bar! You killed this man over a woman?!? I hope they put you under the jail.