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1. ‘Empire’ Star on Cocaine?

I’m on rumor control right now….word is, one of the stars of “Empire” has a real “art imitating life” thing going on! I’m not gonna name any names, but they’re saying one of the characters on the show is riding that white horse! Hmm…wasn’t there a storyline with someone on cocaine..? Now I’m not saying that could be the real reason a certain cast member won’t return for season 2, but..that’s the Word Eye Heard.


2. Timbaland Says Aaliyah Spoke to Him From the Grave

Timbaland has been pushing his artist Tink for a while now, but he just gave her the biggest cosign of her career. Timbaland got on stage and said “[Aaliyah] spoke to me in my sleep and said ‘she’s the one.'”

Now Timbaland..I wasn’t there when you were sleep, but uh….you getting worse than Lil Kim when she talks about Biggie. You do know Aaliyah had a boyfriend when she passed away, right? If you want us to like Tink, here’s an idea: put her album out!


3. Floyd Mayweather Signs Contract with $4,000 Pen

We all know Floyd Mayweather knows how to stunt, but this is doing a little too much. He signed the contract to fight Manny Pacquaio….with a solid gold pen.

There are only 125 of these pens in the world, and Money Mayweather  put on white gloves, grabbed the $4,000 pen, and….wait. $4,000 pen?!?! You know people have too much money when they do stuff like this. Magic Johnson found a cure for AIDS, and Floyd Mayweather has a $4,000 pen.


I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I can’t make this up.

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