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A message posted to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles’s twitter account has some drivers debating over the dangers of eating while driving.

The message says “One second you’re eating and driving, the next you’re eating through a feeding tube”.

State officials said the message was created by federal transportation officials.

Some drivers said they think the visual message is effective.

“You have to look down to get your food, so of course it’s distracted driving,” said Michael Duty. “I still agree with, it should be illegal.”

Other people said they don’t agree with the visual message.

“I think it’s almost a bit much. I mean it’s one thing to try and scare everyone about eating and driving. It’s another one to really put that fear of how it’s going to end up,” said Jeff Zureich. “I think if you got your eyes on the road and you’re able to eat without distracting you, I don’t think it should be a big deal.”

A bill is currently moving through the statehouse, which would expand distracted driving to include eating, applying makeup or reading the newspaper behind the wheel.

via Fox28

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