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Did you mom ever pack your lunch for you as a kid? Well you know whatever she packed, that’s what you ate. And you better not bring any of it back home. Well a 4-year-old in Denver got a rude awakening when her teacher told her she couldn’t eat the Oreos her mom packed. Then sent her home with a note telling her parents to pack a more nutritious lunch! The girl’s mother said she didn’t agree with the decision….but that was it. What?? So the mother didn’t go up to the school?? The mother didn’t call the school and cuss somebody out??? The school is not the biggest loser in this situation, it’s the mother! You can’t tell me your mama wouldn’t have been on the first thing smoking to that school, to tell them that they can’t control your child’s lunchbox! Clearly she didn’t teach her kid the “if someone hits you, hit them back” rule either!


Has your mama ever had to come up to the school for you?