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lilD's Word Eye Heard Ent Report 5-4

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1. Adrien Broner Arrested in Vegas

Boxing champion Adrien Broner got arrested over the weekend in Vegas!He says even though he paid $11K for VIP at a club, security told him he wasn’t dressed right because of his jeans and shoes, and asked him to leave. He got salty, refused to leave, and police were called. You can hear him say “I ain’t do nothin, they mad cause I’m rich.” Nobody’s mad cause you’re rich….okay, I’m a little upset.


2. Madonna Shades Drake’s Kiss

Drake Madonna kiss at 2015 Coachella Music Festival

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

We all saw Madonna kiss Drake at Coachella…and  you saw Drake wipe his mouth in disgust. Well, Madonna tells a different story. Not only did she call Drake a girl, she said he BEGGED her to do it!

Now Madonna, I know you’re rich and powerful and iconic….but your breath probably smells like moth balls and geritol….ain’t nobody lined up to kiss you.


3. Future’s Being Petty Over Ciara

Future & Ciara

Source: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/ WireImage / Getty

Future has taken pettiness to an entirely different level. He only follows 5 people on Instagram, and the other night, he did the ultimate sign of bitterness: unfollowed Ciara……and started following Rihanna.

Remember when Future said he “wished [he] cared” about Ciara dating Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson….? I think it’s safe to say he does.


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