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Young Money Rapper Wanted for Double Murder

young money rapper flow wanted for double murder

Source: nopd / nopd

Ever heard of a rapper named Flow? Yea, me either.  But, he’s signed to Young Money, and is wanted for double murder in New Orleans! Lil Wayne’s definitely not getting him a lawyer; he should’ve got a couple hits under his belt first.


James Harden Exposed by Stripper…?

Ludacris Official Birthday Party

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

James Harden smashed some chick, fell asleep, and fell victim to the Instagram thirst trap! Some stripper whose IG name is ‘Gvng$ter Boo,” waited until the bearded one fell asleep, then posted a selfie with him in the bed that said “Lil Sleepy Time,” and @’d James Harden!!! I guess it’s hard out here when you don’t make the finals, huh?


Why Is Kidd Kidd on the XXL Freshman List…?

2015 XXL Freshman Class

Source: XXL / XXL

The XXL Freshman List has been released, and some stand outs are Fetty Wap, Tink, and Stone Soul artist K Camp….but uh…why is Kidd Kidd on the list? he been rapping since Young Money was Baby Money! Kidd Kidd is so old, his name should be Man Man! XXL gotta do better.