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Source: chicago pd / chicago pd

Nobody wants to go to jail, right? But once you’re already in the cop car, there isn’t much you can do. Unless your name is Lashon Stuckey. He was arrested in Chicago for selling heroin, and was so adamant about getting out of the cop car, that he CHEWED THROUGH THE SEAT BELT!! Do you know how strong your teeth have to be to chew through seat belt??!!?? What’s crazy is, he caused more money worth of damage to the seat belt, than the $30 of heroin he was caught selling. So he must’ve really wanted to get out of going to jail, right? Wrong. Why did ole boy chew through the seat belt and try to get out of the cop car? He didn’t wanna miss his son’s birthday party. Wow….father of the year…? Well, if you really wanna be there for your son, how about you don’t sell heroin….?


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever gotten for your birthday?