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Source: marc duncan / marc duncan

People have all kinds of ways to try and get out of a ticket, but this by far is the most intelligent way I’ve ever seen it done. Andrea Cammelleri got a parking violation in Middletown, Ohio, but she won’t have to pay a dime of it. Not because she cried, or she begged the judge to throw it out….nah, she said the ticket shouldn’t count because of a grammatical error. The ticket said vehicles can’t be parked more than 24 hours, including “motor vehicle campers.” What they meant was “motor vehicles, OR campers,” but they didn’t say that. And she said her truck is NOT a “motor vehicle camper.” So the city of Middletown, Ohio just lost out on some bread because somebody in the office didn’t pass English.


What’s the most creative way you’ve tried to get out of a ticket?