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Big Bink's Biggest Loser 7-14

Source: Tahlequahpolice county sheriff / Tahlequahpolice county sheriff

Everyone hates when the wifi connection is shaky, and Lynn Henson is no different. She was at Taco Bell and the wifi was acting up, so she got up to get a refill on her drink to waste time. Well there was one thing between her and the drink: a group of teenage boys. She said “excuse me,” and even tried to wait. Eventually she just squeezed right past them. Well when she did that, some of her drink spilled on one of them. The teens got salty about it and tried to threaten her. Well Lynn is about that life, so she pulled out a knife on them! To add to her gangster, she said “If you want some of me, come on.” The teens left, and poor Lynn got arrested. No word on whether the wifi got better.


What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever gotten into a fight over?