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Meek Mill’s Threatening Drake with a Wedgie, Fam.

The Meek Mill Pop Up Store Experience

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

Meek Mill definitely doesn’t know when to give up. Tuesday during his show, he threatened to give Drake and the whole OVO crew a wedgie….

So Drake killed you twice….and the best you can do is say “I’m gonna pull your undies up your butt?” Meek…it’s time to retire.


Iggy Azalea Admits to Plastic Surgery

Festival D'ete De Quebec

Source: C Flanigan / Getty

Iggy Azalea is trying something new: keeping it real. In Seventeen magazine, she admitted to having a nose job. She said “I’m not denying it. Denying it is lame.” Well since she’s being real about her fake boobs and nose, you think she’ll be real about her fake rap skills…..?


The “Real Cookie” is Suing ‘Empire’ for $300 Million

the real cookie

Source: tha celebritea / tha celebritea

A Detroit woman claims she’s the real Cookie from ‘Empire,’ and is suing for $300 million! She said she gave her autobiography to a screenwriter, the screenwriter pitched it to Lee Daniels…and next thing you know, ‘Empire’ was born! She said she went to jail and wears mink like Cookie! But…she has no lawyer. Uh, hey stupid. Why don’t you trade in those 30 year old coats, for a 30 year old lawyer.


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