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Serena Williams has Some Hating Homegirls

Serena Williams

Source: Getty Images / Getty

So now that Drake and Serena are dating and slobbing each other in public, Serena’s friends are worried. They’re warning Serena that Drake is just gonna hurt her again. Uh…do they realize this is DRAKE they’re talking about?? If anything, he’s gonna wind up crying on HER shoulder!


Tyga Wants You to Know He’s Smashing Kylie Jenner

Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Dope' In Partnership With The Los Angeles Film Festival - Arrivals

Source: Amanda Edwards / Getty

Now that Kylie Jenner is 18, Tyga wasted no time letting us know he’s hitting it. On his new mixtape, he said:

They say she young, I shoulda waited, She a big girl, dawg When she stimulated… She a big girl dawg, I’m puttin’ in, Yeah I’m penetrating…

Ya know, he’s gonna look worse than Lamar Odom when Kylie dumps him for an actual successful rapper.


The Game Plays ‘Smell My Finger’ in the Park

The Game

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The Game is looking for love on his reality tv show, but he definitely isn’t looking for sex. He got caught finger-loving 18-year-old IG model India Love…in the park…in broad daylight….then making her smell his finger. Uh…sir. If she doesn’t know how her love muffin smells, you damn sure shouldn’t be down there. Dang, he got caught red-handed! Wait….actually, I hope he didn’t….yikes…

See pics here.

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